Pop Culture Press is an indie music magazine  that started out in Memphis, Tennessee and covered the local Memphis underground scene: Alex Chilton, Grifters, Cordell Jackson, Panther Burns, the Southern indie scene (Fetchin’ Bones, Pylon, Windbreakers, dB’s, Flat Duo Jets) as well as touring bands and underground music of the era. PCP, as it was known in the common parlance, moved to Austin, Texas in 1988. PCP was made popular by its sampler CD, a treasure trove of songs from Spoon, They Might be Giants, Cotton Mather, The Wedding Present, and many others. Prior to that, the magazine offered free flexi-discs, which are now collectibles, featuring songs from The Dentists, Dream Syndicate, Elastica and many more. Pop Culture Press was founded and edited by Luann Williams, who went on to SXSW. Luke Torn, who has also written for The Wall Street Journal, Mojo, and The Austin Chronicle, took over as editor in 2005. There were sixty-six issues published, before it became a blog until 2010. Some of the sampler CDs are now collector’s items. The affiliated label,  Pop Culture Press Records launched in 2013. Pop Culture Press Records has released two titles from Los Angeles indie band The Black Watch CD+LP: The End Of When (2013), the Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy EP (2015) and Highs and Lows CD (2015).

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  1. Hello,
    I am writing a book about Eddie Hinton and I am trying to locate music reviewer and writer, Kent Benjamin. He used to write articles for Pop Culture Press. If anyone knows how to reach him or put me in touch with someone who knows him, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bruce Schurman

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